There and Back Again

Dearest friends and family,

     I am writing you today to tell you about an amazing opportunity I have been given. Through networking and relationships built over the last few years, I am finally getting the chance to go back to Uganda!!! For those of you that don’t know, I lived in Uganda in 2010 teaching music at a school for orphans and disadvantaged children, and I also got to work in the rehabilitation process with former child soldiers. If you would like more info on the history and situation in Uganda, you can go here: Many of you partnered with me during this time, and supported me in so many ways. It was extremely difficult and disappointing to me, and maybe even some of you, when I had to leave….feeling as though the work was unfinished. The goals though were never to go and fix some problems for a short time and leave. Rather, it was to go and live with the people and learn, and to build lasting relationships that would allow us to partner to see the work finished over time. I have continued relationships that were built with key leaders and have been able to help them little by little over time, but the time has come to go and see more clearly how we as a people can join in and enable these leaders to enact change in their communities.

For the first week of the trip, I will be joining an organization called Help One Now (who I went to Haiti with last year). They are just beginning to work in Uganda and I will be joining them in taking time to listen and learn and seek out the best avenues by which to partner with the people of Uganda for the betterment and renewal of their country. After the Help team leaves, I will stay and meet with 3 key leaders that I feel will be best to partner with down the stretch. One leader is the Bishop of all Western Uganda. He runs an orphanage of about 150 children as well as a church planting/pastoral training program that sends pastors out into the rural villages. The other two leaders have orphanages and community renewal projects in different parts of the country. The total length of time spent there will be about 1 month, and I hope to come away with a clear idea of the real needs of these leaders and their communities and how we can best partner with and support what they are doing.

After my time in Uganda, I have also been given the opportunity to join in with my church’s trip back to Haiti. We will again join with Help One Now as they continue to work alongside some amazing Haitian leaders in the rebuilding and renewal of their country. Part of Help One Now’s mission is to build 100 homes and drill 25 water wells.  On this trip, we will actually help fulfill part of this vision.  Every team member has to raise an additional $500 that goes towards a key project, which will help our Haitian friends long-term.  It will also help create jobs for our Haitian friends.  So by going to Haiti, we will help a family move into a new home, and we will also create jobs in the process. Our ultimate goal is to help restore Haiti while Haitians lead the way!

As always, this work is not one that I can do alone…..and not one that should be done by any one person. I truly believe in the beauty of communities joining alongside one another to seek each others well being and renewal, and I want to invite you into that with me. Whether it be joining in supporting me on this trip or joining in seeing the work continued in the years to come, please know that each and every one of your hearts and friendship is so incredibly valued and appreciated!

If you would like to join me in this work, here are the most immediate needs:

1. Please pray for this time. Just as one person cannot do the work alone, we as a people also cannot do it alone by our own human ability.

2. We need your help financially.  The entire trip is going to cost about $4000, which includes $500 for the house in Haiti and funds to begin work with local leaders in Uganda. I am going to provide for at least $2000 of it to cover most traveling expenses, but I will need your help to raise the rest.

Would you be willing be to support me financially?  If so, you can go to this website:

 You will get an automatic receipt emailed to you as soon as you donate.

Or, you can send a check made out to “Help One Now” and mail it to:

Help One Now

PO Box 26716

Raleigh, NC 27611

Be sure to write “Brennon, New City Trip” on the memo line.

To learn more about Help One Now please visit their site:

To learn more about New City Austin please visit their site:

Again, thank you for your continued support and friendship over the years, and for even taking the time to read this! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Peace, Love, and Renewal,