Communal Experientialism

There are many things that we come to experience in our lives; some of those having a major effect on us, and others not. It is up to us to use these experiences for the good in life. One of the most effective experiences, what I would call an encounter, is that of experiencing another person, or persons. This happens to be what I believe to be the most meaningful type of experience I have come across in my life. Without meeting and experiencing the people that I have, I would not have become the same person I am today. By experiencing these people I have learned certain things, and then used what I have learned to change how I think and how I act. Without these people present in my life, I would never be able to grow, for I would have no one to learn from; no one to encourage and build me up; no one to comfort me in times of trouble. I would, in all aspects, be alone; living an incomplete life. Luckily, I have had those people in my life who have helped to teach and shape me; and I do all that I can to apply what I learn from my experiences with them.

As I sat down to write this note, I tried to think of a specific person or experience that, in and of itself, changed my life. Someone who I connected with so much that I would not be who I am today, in any way, without the meeting of that person. At first a couple of people came to mind; I thought about certain times I had with those people, and how those times have changed me. In my thoughts, I realized though that my experience goes so much deeper than just one or two people, or one or two experiences for that matter. It is the multiple connections and meetings that I have had with people throughout my entire life. It is the many people who have invested time and love into my life in order to raise me into who I am to become. It is the many friends who have stood by me through the years, encouraging me through both the good and bad times. It is also the many random people who I have come across in my life, not knowing what significance my seemingly chanced meeting with them would hold. These people, the ones within whom I am deeply rooted and connected; they are my experience, the very essence of who I have come to be on my journey through life.