Long Live Love

“Love can’t be stopped. Grief is proof that love prevails over death. You cannot kill love. I’m not talking about the pervasive counterfeits we so often call love. But the kind that fables like ‘The Princess Bride’ speak of- ‘true love’. The kind of love that lasts beyond life, that does not end with death, that fills you when you breathe deeply of it and wounds you when you lose it. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.”

– Erwin McManus, “Soul Cravings”

So what is love? Some would have us believe that all love amounts up to be is a diamond, or a rose, or a kiss. But is there really something more, something deeper to this “most powerful force in the universe”? I believe there is. I believe that the modern day conception of love is not a fair representation of how love was created to be. It is so much more than just a feeling or emotion, in fact, it is in essence the very thing that drives and controls all emotion and feeling. Love is the chief end of every man or woman. It is the greatest goal and gift one could hope to attain in life. It has been pursued and sought after more fervently than any other thing in the history of man. Love can either mend or break your very emotional state. It has the power to give life; and when used in its opposite form, the power to take it. What is this thing we call love. Is it more than a feeling? Or is it just some sort of movement the hippies started in order to create a more peaceful state of living? Both forms of love described can provide for this more peaceful and joyful state. But which do our souls truly crave to take part in: the love that the world has told us to have, or true love in its original state. They both seem to offer things we want and need. But which one is what our hearts are really honestly searching for?

This love that we have now become accustomed to can be seen as a somewhat of a shallow love. This is due to how we have used media and business to distort true love. In our movies and commercials we make love up to be based solely on attraction and happy feeling. We become ‘in love’ when we meet someone who we feel is smart, good-looking, funny, and successful, the kind of people everyone likes to be around. So many people in our society fall into this trap only to find that they do not actually really love each other at all. Some find that they do not even know each other as they had thought. Maybe this is why divorce is such a common out in this day and age. Maybe giving someone a diamond, or rose, or kiss is not the best way to show your love for them. Now, all of these things that are a part of this romantic love actually are a part of this true love I speak of. They are simply just not the basis for it, more so reflections of it. We can never settle for just this romantic love. There has to be more to it; something deep inside of our being waiting to come out.

If love is not just this romantic feeling or emotion, then what could it be? Throughout history we have tagged people with the term love; People who have lived outside of their selfish state and lived lives of “love” toward other people. People like Mother Theresa, Jesus, Buddha, and many others come to mind. We would associate these people with love, yet they never once took part in any sort of romantic relationship. How could this be? Love outside of romance? This is because they discovered what true love really is. Love is an action, a verb. It is a state of selfless living, always giving but never taking. Love is patient, it is kind and compassionate. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is neither proud nor rude. It is not easily angered and it holds no record of wrongs. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. This is the love that these different people lived with; true love. Now, as I said, romantic love most certainly can come out of this love, it just cannot stand on its own. At least, it will not work correctly on its own. This is mainly because most people, when seeking a romantic love relationship, are seeking it out with selfish motives and intentions. They seek to gain love rather than give it. They need to fill that void of aloneness. This is ok though, as we were also actually created to be loved as well. Love creates community where all who participate can also partake in it. Only within this true love can real joy, and peace, and happiness truly be found.

Love is all around us. Are we going to sit around and let opportunity pass us by, or are we going to participate in the most powerful force in the universe? It is up to us to restore love back to its original state of intention. To bring back true peace, joy, and hope and to create community between all. To be driven by this selfless love; never taking, always giving. Love is the movement. It is a journey that can be a struggle but will always be a blessing. It is a passionate pursuit of life the way it was intended to be. We say love never fails; may we protect and preserve that statement through all of life. May we be the action of love, may we be the change and the hope that we are so desperately searching for. May we long live love!