Seizing the Divine

So I have had much thought of late. Thoughts of future, near and far, thoughts of relationships, passing and true, and thoughts of decision, both big and small. I am afraid that the opportunity of these decisions of my future and of relationships is beginning to pass by me. This is all due to a thing I once wrote a song about called “fearful passivity”. It is letting what may be divine moments, and/or opportunities, slip passed you due to fear; fear of rejection or of a negative outcome of these decisions.

This is where the idea of trust and faith come into play. We need to have faith that whatever comes out of any circumstance that God brings us into will be good, for He is good. We need to have faith that it is what is best for us. To trust in this would be to do our part in taking initiative and going through with the decisions. Now, these decisions will not always play out in our favor, even if they are truly what are best for us. This is where risk also comes into play. We are risking our comfort and desire, which in some cases we will lose. But that is the bitter-sweetness of trust; we have to go into these decisions knowing both possible outcomes and being ok with either or, no matter what. We can become ok with either side when we realize that life’s temporary circumstances cannot change who we are in Christ; He is constant and will never stray from His love for us, regardless of our feeble choices.

It’s funny because this is something I have been struggling with lately, trusting God; and one of my pastors just talked about this very thing this week. I feel like God is moving me towards certain things, but to me, the outcome is so blurred and what I can make out of it doesn’t look too good in my favor. But I have to trust, I have to risk; for, whatever the outcome may be, I am His and He is mine and I will rejoice in wherever He takes me, for it is Him who takes me there!