Time Will Tell: Lyrics

I recently released my first full-length album titled “Time Will Tell”. It was home recorded, and is a collection of some of the most raw and real stories I have ever written. You can download it for free here: http://noisetrade.com/brennonwayne/time-will-tell

Here is a lyrical layout of each song:

1) “Wind Of Life”

We’re moving backwards now, the world’s turned upside down

That’s how the story goes

But there will be a way, a way to find where do we go from here


How do you know just where this wind will blow?

Your dreams might fly away

So come back down to a solid ground

So you can see the day, the day I’ve made


Come close my child, so I can tell you

This will all be okay

Well sure you’ve done some wrong

That is why I came to pay your way


How do you know just when this wind blow

You’re dreams will come in time

So come back around and listen for the sound

The sound of the day, the day I’ve made


How do you know just why this wind it blows

Your dreams are My design

So come back now and let My love surround

This is the day, the day I’ve made


2) “The Good Shepherd”

The stillness of water flows into my depths, my soul

It keeps running, running to my end

As I keep breathing in, this air is growing thin

Time keeps losing, losing its worth


But You create in me breathe

In fields green lay my head

restore my soul, lead me on

Though in the valley, Love has found me!


The moonlit clouds they form, of ancient truths forewarn

They are telling, telling of You

As generations find You would leave the flock behind

Just to run, run, run after the one


But You create in me rest

In fields green lay my head

restore my soul, lead me on

Though in the valley, Love has found me!


3) “City Lights”

I sit beneath the trees, feel the calm of the cool breeze

The birds they sweetly sing to You

Watching all the people go, their lives they ebb and flow

But not an honest soul can tell of You


I hope for promised things, in the power to redeem

This great bastard multitude

Only time will tell of love beautifully displayed in us

Changing us, giving us souls again

Bring the city back to You


As buildings rise and fall, so go the dreams of old

Along with all our innocence

But You are asking more than city lights

Adorning fading silhouettes


4) “Time Will Tell”

All alone here, just playing time

Wondering where the end is for this line

My train, it seems to move so slow these days

Does it still follow the sound, the sound of the end


The end, it keeps holding me stead

Whispering of promises to come

My soul, it wanders to find

Peace and rest that only You can show

So I will do my best to hope in You alone


Forty days and forty nights can teach

A restless man of his souls poverty

But You have filled the well with the sweetest rain

Will we give You our empty cup and drink of You until the end


5) “Let Us Free”

If I go, will you go

And if I see what you don’t see


Will you take my hand, walk through the dark

With our eyes covered, we’ll follow our hearts

Push away all these doubts, look far ahead

To see, please see


So let’s go, into unknown

Let’s see what we could be


Come now take my hand, let’s light up the dark

Open our eyes up and run with our hearts

With no more fears or doubts we’ll look far ahead

To see, let’s see!


6) “The Road”

Let me up darlin, let me go

Point me on my way to the great unkown

I’ll look to the stars to light my way

But we’ll all return to find that Love has made the road


Church bells ringing, the day has come

Two lovers singing “let’s go make our home”

But we have failed to find the westward way

A home we’ll build in time when Love has made the road


All that we are, all that we are

We give to You

All that we are, all that we are

Is all for You


7) “Love It Is”

I’ve lost myself, I’ve lost myself

And you’re to blame

Give up my doubt, I give up my doubt

Won’t you take it away


So I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run to you


Is this love, what is love

That you’d give it away

I give my love, go take my love

It will all be ok


Cus I run, I run, I run for you


Well this takes time

But we’ve got time


You are all I want, you are all I need

I give myself, my all to you

Won’t you just run with me

You are all I want


Is this love, what is love

Can we share it today


8) “The Bride”

We’ve been sleeping still, waiting by the door

Life keeps knocking til we see there’s so much more

More than what we know, more than comfort shows

The lies we need


The cries grow louder still, yet we hold our gift concealed

This darkness could be light, if only we would shine

Shine bright like the Son, the Son who overcomes

Overcomes our brokenness


You’re calling us to be a fragrant offering

Reflections of Your heart

As all will pass and fail, of Your great love we’ll tell

The world shall see Your hope


Your bride will be what You have made

A perfect love made to display

A coming King, the only way

We blind will see Your coming day

Won’t You lead us back to You


Rise up!