Hispaniola: Lyrics

A week ago, I released my second full length album “Hispaniola“. All of the songs were either written, or re-written during my time living here in Haiti (on the island of Hispaniola). They tell of stories I have heard, lessons I have learned, and everything else along the way. Putting my music out for people to hear is definitely one of the most vulnerable and difficult things for me to do, but I have been given these stories and these melodies to share, so share I will! Here are all of the lyrics from the album. I would encourage you to read them as you listen to the songs and let the emotion of the music help to convey the stories. Let them sink in, let them encourage, let them challenge and move you to something more.

If you have any questions about the songs, or would like to hear the stories more in depth, feel free to contact me at any time at brennonwaynemusic@gmail.com.

If you haven’t downloaded the album yet, you can do so for free here:


or it will be available soon on iTunes.

Peace and love!


Well I have walked a million miles

On my way to fill this hole inside

But time keeps moving slow

All these thoughts, they make no sense

When caged by walls and crowded tents

Show me where to go

Which way to go, which way to go

I give myself to follow You alone

In all my days I have not found

Such a sweet and familiar sound

Singin love and hallelujah, hallelujah

Though I give away my affections

I will trust in Your good intentions

All my days I will sing hallelujah, hallelujah

My heart it seems to fade away

As it gives and gives into dismay

But there is rescue still

I believe in kingdom come

And I believe in battles won

For my soul You’re fightin, for the glory of Your name


We’re goin back home now, to the cornfields we’ll go

Where the years fly past us and the days stay slow

Life grows old now, somehow its still the same

Nobody’s movin, and the scarecrow’s to blame

So run, run, run as fast as you can

But there’s no sense runnin if you can’t understand

That the scarecrow is only there to play his game

And scare crows away

Our hearts stay rooted in that soil they call home

But trees they don’t grow if they can’t see the sun

Spread those wings now up to the skies above

Reach for those stars, reach for love

So Fly, fly, fly as high as you can

But there’s no sense flyin if you can’t understand

That the scarecrow’s only there to play his game

And scare crows away

To scare crows away

But we’re not afraid of your games

No We’re not afraid

So fall, fall, fall as hard as you can

Your time is done, ‘cus we understand

Oh, scarecrow its over now, you’ve played your game

But we’re here to stay


I’ve traveled the world, I have felt the wind

The wind and waves of the seven seas

I’ve spent my life in search of the place

Of the place that they call home

But all the roads, the mountains and the fields

The warmth and colors of the setting sun

They could never give anything compared

Compared to the beauty of you

Your heart, the treasure I hold dear

Its the only place whose way I have not found

Its the road less traveled, the most treacherous way

Yet the one I would fight to go down

Even if it meant just a moment

Just a glimpse, a shimmer of the light

The light shining through to give focus

To the delicate beauty of you

For this I am most certain will be the purest joy

The truest struggle, greatest gift of love

That I will be given in my time on this Earth

To see, to know, to hold only you

One day a time will come when together

We will see the world, ride along the breeze

Swim through the waves of the ocean

We will spend our days dreaming

We will spend our days building a home

We’ll travel roads both long and short

Journey through the valleys and the hills

Lay our heads to rest in the stillness

As we gaze upon the sun

My heart will stay still as it soaks in

The brightness, the pureness that is you

The sweetness that is the beauty

The beauty of you, that beauty that is you


The story goes, its still untold

Will someone tell it for them now

They whisper on, it won’t be long

Til someone comes to hear

May we learn to keep our feathers before they’re gathered by the wind

A few years gone, they’re takin on

The world that tells them no

But soon they’ll see that destiny

Will wake the dream they’re in

May we learn to keep our feathers before they’re gathered by the wind

May we never store our treasures in this ship we’re sinking in

May we learn to keep our feathers before they’re gathered by the wind

May we never lose the wonder of the dreams we can begin


I was born restless, always running away

Couldn’t keep my feet on the ground, so afraid to stay

Then You came just takin my heart and giving it a name

Suddenly my world seemed to stop and turn the right way

When You came to me

I was born shameful, always hiding away

But Your love, it fixes my heart and puts colors in array

You came to me

The oceans are tiding, this love is a sea

With waves crashing down over You and over me

Now that You came to me

You came for me

I promise to be here, to hold You up high

Give You my honor, give You my time

Cus You came for me


The thunder rolls, the lightening strikes

This old storm wears down my time

My world is chaos, my dawn is far

But You bring order that wakes my heart

You wake my heart

The day is cold, it’s black as night

The Son is warmth, His love is light

Your colors show, Your promise shines

As You bring truth that wakes my mind

You wake my mind


All these lonely dreams only cloudy up my mind

All these broken things, they keep tearing up my time

And all the things that slip away, all the things that I won’t say

All that’s good left in the world ain’t got nothin on you my girl

All I know, it ain’t enough

Ain’t enough to show

Just how I really feel

We’re in this run around and we are spinning without control

Not havin you around, it’s breakin down my soul

So many things have slipped away, so many things I should have said

So much good left in the world, I only wish, I only wish

I only wish I could have you my girl

All I can say, it ain’t enough

Ain’t enough to say

Just how I really feel


I didn’t learn too much, didn’t learn too much

When I fell down in my uncertainty

I didn’t hear so well, didn’t hear so well

When they told me what I couldn’t be

Oh, times are changing now all around

Oh, but I believe

Oh, If we could carry on, it won’t be long

Oh, Til we see

Can we move on now, can we move on now

Move away from the lie of apathy

There will be a day, there will be a day

When this will all weave together perfectly

Oh, life will work this out, I know somehow

Oh, if we believe

Oh, its time to push along, we can be strong

Oh, can’t you see

If we could start this over, if we could start again

Then I would put more hope in what You promised for the end

Now I see the reasons, now I see the way

You’ll show the blind to follow as You light the coming day

So come and listen close, come and listen close

For we have been made with eyes to see


If all the world could see the beauty underneath a time, an age foregone

If we could understand the measure of a land searching for a home

Will we see behind, before

Will we love with hearts like Yours

All I want is to be here

And to know its where You are

When time is all but gone and beauty carries on to shine, to sing of You

When closer is the day, redeemed we will proclaim, this land is kingdom come

We have seen, we have heard

A love so grand, a song so pure

All You want is to be here

Will we know, its where You are


How did I get so low, it seems I’ve lost this time

Can’t see my feet below from holding my head so high

Please take the veil away that slows my burning heart

So I can run Your way, Your way from the start

You say come; all you burdened, all you weary

Come; all you broken, all you hurting

Come; don’t fret now, I’ll light the way

Come to Me, I’ll be your rest

I will run to You, I will run to You

Break my heart into one that follows after You