Rainy Season

We are about a month and a half now into what is supposed to be Haiti’s rainy season, but the days of rain have been few and far between. It has left the land dry and parched and has left many members of the farm community without the means to till their land. It is amazing though how swiftly the land is healed when the rain actually does come. It ushers in the sweetest smell of renewal and rebirth as the land feels the mercies of a new morning. Today I sat in the mountains of Kenscoff, gazing upon the beauty of the lush-green hillsides, when just yesterday they were brown and dying away with the passing time. There was an abundance of life lying in wait just under the soil, eager and ready to be awakened by the healing rains.

This season has brought such a beautiful parallel and lesson for my life and its own season of dryness and need for rain. It has been a season of tilling the land, but not gaining its yield. It has been a season of growing tired and weary and feeling that I do not have much else left to sow into the land. But I know and believe that the rain will come; and it has already come in small portions. Through whispers and dreams of the good that is to come, and the even greater Good that already has come. It is also through the people who have come into my life to remind me of and point me back towards that greater Good.

Each morning, each breath of life brings new mercies and the promise that the rain will one day come to heal and awaken this land that was once barren and lost. It is now up to us to believe in that promise, and to continue to do our part in the tilling of the land as we lie in wait for the Good that is to come!