Imani Project

The Imani project began in 2010, when Brennon first lived in Uganda. It was born out of time spent with the people in their communities, listening to their stories and seeing and hearing their deepest needs. It was born out of a desire to break the cycle of poverty and of dependency on foreign aid, and to create something that would bring sustainable change for years to come, by the people and for the people. The main fund-driver for Imani in its early stages has been the Acholi Bead project. It was an idea of a dear woman named Dilith who had been displaced by the war. Her, and many Acholi women like her, live in government issued slums and barely have the means to care for the basic needs of their children. Some would resort to breaking rocks at the quarry, bringing in $1 a day at most.


But most of the women, in their free time, were artists and seamstresses and crafters. For generations and generations, the Acholi have made bead jewelry out of paper from magazines and posters. So we decided to take their creativity and use it to transform their communities that have experienced so much death and destruction. We help to create new jobs through the bead making, which we then bring back to the U.S. to raise funds and awareness. The funds raised then go straight back into the community from which it originated to help support the work of local leaders as they pursue change and renewal.


You can read more about the local leaders we partner with, or check out the Acholi Beads we have for sale.

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